I have been working with the following technologies:

C# .NET/WPF/MVVM: C# and WPF with Visual Studio has been my main tools for the latest projects. I have also experience of Java and VB.NET but I prefer C#.

MS SQL: Our main database at Conbit is MS SQL.

Exchange / EWS: We used to have a local exchange server where all contact and clients information where saved. Those information were also used within our home made software. For the synchronization we were using Exchange webservices.

AD: At Conbit all permissions are based on active directory. Same permissions are used for files, folders and documents. It was very natural to base application permissions on the same rules.

Com-port/Serial port: For the warehouse at Conbit we are using handheld barcode/qr scanners which are based on serial port. It was kind of fun to work with those scanners as I had no experience of that before.

Excel: For the last 6 year I have been working with excel in different ways. The main database was actually just an excel document. We still had to manage the excel document even when most of the data were transferred to a real database. Beside that we have a lot of templates which needs to be filled with data or some grids which has to be exported to excel.

ASP.NET/MVC: Even that most of my work has been with WPF, I still have done some ASP.NET work. As examples I can mention that there were some requirements for synchronization services which had to be placed on a server where users didn’t have access. But in the same time, users should be able to manager the services. That was solved by adding some ASP.NET layer in between which users could use to manager the service.

QR-Codes: I mentioned before serial port communication and handheld scanners. Those barcodes and QR codes are generated by our own software. Beside the barcodes and QR codes for products we are also generating QR codes for certificates of our products. Those certificates are automatically renamed and moved to the correct locations by reading the QR codes.

Infragistics: I have been working with infragistics for the last couple of years, and I am quite familiar with their tools.!